What is a home inspection ? 

 A home inspection is a visual, limited time non-invasive inspection of the house and it's components. I will examine readily accessible items, which are those items available for visual inspection without requiring moving of personal property, dismantling, destructive measures, or any action which will likely involve risk to persons or property.

You don't want to buy a money pit. We will let you know if your home will cost you big out of pocket repairs before you buy.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

These are the most common inspections. Before you purchase your home we will inform you of the true condition of the home. Our report will help you make an educated and intelligent decision on whether or not to purchase the home. 

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Before you put your house on the market it's good to know what problems exist in advance. This way you can make the necessary repairs and avoid any last minute delays.

New Construction / Phase Inspection

We know most building contractors do good quality work. We also know that this work is contracted out and the builder can't always be there to supervise this work. That's where we come in. We conduct a three-phase inspection which consists of the foundation pour, the pre-drywall, and the final phase walk through (turn key) inspection. You would be surprised at the things we find during our phase inspections. Why wait until these things are covered and concealed. We are also building code certified.

Commercial Inspection

Do you have a business dwelling that needs an inspection. We do those to ! Ask for a list of referrals.

Important Stuff To Know 

​​Please make sure all of the utilities have been turned on in time for the inspection. It's always a good idea to follow-up with the selling agent to confirm this is done. This will save us both some valuable time.​

​A home Inspection Agreement will be emailed prior to the inspection.

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